B2r Connect Development

We Innovate

After 15 years of operation we know how to execute a realistic approach
by to market trends with dexterity by providing solutions with wider perspective
on advancing and amplifying technical innovation.

What We Do

We build scalable web, mobile, and innovative products for startups, brands and digital agencies
and provide comprehensive UX/UI design, development and data analytics services

End to End Approach

We carefully research and analyze our clients needs prior to beginning development
We strive to understand all of our client's essential needs, but we also take the time to nourish new ideas from project conception to completion.

It all Started in 2001.

We started with GoInvest.com and Aqivo, but didn't stop there, our team provides robust, secure and highly effective mobile applications, and with an extensive knowledge base in mobile application development, including mobile phones, tablets, iPads, they can help you deliver your mobile application's concept.

Big Data and BI

Big Data, Machine Learning, Modeling, Real-time Business Analytics & Analytic Reporting Companies hear about these topics every day and for many businesses the discussions seem to be more about technology than about helping them grow their business and keep their customers happy. We take a different approach - it's all about your business

Custom Application Development

Our team of experts make use of proven methodologies, reusable designs, code and test suites across technologies providing a higher value for businesses. We adhere to proprietary methodologies and conceptual frameworks that are based on our maturity gained from years of client projects but offers a flexibility for meeting changing requirements, prompt debugging and infrastructure maintenance

Efficiency and Cost Effective

Our effectiveness results in the invention and development of software solutions, ranging from Product development, Application Maintenance, Cloud Computing, and other niche technologies. B2r Connect Development was conceptualized with a vision to bring in highest quality services to the industry.


Customer satisfaction is our highest priority

We have laboriously crafted and carefully designed unparalleled applications with highest level of technical excellence and the best architecture design to keep up with the needed pace of technical excellence and design necessary to exceed.
Our On-Shore/Off Shore model allows us to operate with the understanding that any change even in last minute requirements must be communicated between stakeholders and our designated Client Managers to stay competitive in today's evolving market.


Let us help you!

"Innovation, Quality, Commitment"

B2r Connect Development partners with businesses across all industry segments to migrate or develop secure, scalable, cloud-based products and business systems. We collaborate with our customers on all stages of the product life-cycle, from selecting and configuring the appropriate cloud analytics applications, to developing cloud-ready systems, to providing product deployment and support services.

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